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*** Special Offer *** (Includes 30 Free Candles, 75 Free Ear Discs, 150 Free Earbuds & Free 5 Day DHL Shipping)

Our Ear Wax Candles are made of the best quality products and are environmentally friendly. 

  • Our Business Customers Buy More… and Save Big !
  • Enjoy that spa / salon experience at home  and at a fraction of the cost
  • Colors: Sky-Blue, Green, Brown, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Rosy and White (colors may vary slightly)
  • Fragrance: Various
  • Material:  100% Beeswax / Cotton
  • Length: Approximately 25CM /9.8″
  • Comprises unbleached cotton and beeswax conforming to environmental requirements

All Orders Shipped within 24 Hours, 6 Days Week

Free 5 Day DHL Shipping (Save $17.99)

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Our 100% Natural Beeswax Cone Ear Candles are premium quality and affordable for all budgets.
We have a wide selection of packs and kits of ear candles for sale, from personal packs of 40 ear candles to salon/spa multipacks of 150 ear candles. We cater to all price points and also offer ear discs, earbuds, otoscopes and USB Mini HD cameras to compliment your order of ear wax candles.
Our beeswax tapered ear candles are made from all natural unbleached cotton and beeswax conforming to environmental requirements. They come in a variety of colors and delicious fragrances, from classic vanilla to subtle rose, so everyone has their favorites!
For your safety, whilst using ear candles in the comfort of your own home, there is a safety warning line which advises the user where to cut down the burning ear wax candle.

I have been buying from this website since I found it at the start of last year. Great customer service and the candles and discs are such good quality.  

Levi Cox - Chicago, IL

First time user and a little skeptical. I WAS SO WRONG!!! I have had slight hearing problems and some wax buildup for many years. I can now hear better than ever and my ears feel so clean. Even had to turn the volume down on the TV! I would recommend everyone to try.

Reese Porter - Syracuse, NY

Extremely satisfied with the quality of these ear candles!! After testing on a client …it greatly improved her sinus problems, her hearing became much clearer and her sense of smell returned!! In addition, it also removed wax from out of her ears!! Needless to say she has booked another candling session in just over 30 days and she is updating all her friends about the experience. I am looking forward to many new clients!!

Evelyn Boyd - West Palm Beach, Florida

The scents were very pleasant and the candles worked very well, removing a good amount of ear wax. Customer service was very efficient and product was shipped in a timely manner. Extremely happy with my purchase, and am ordering again.

Finley Andrews - Concord, New Hampshire

Purchased these ear wax candles, as my 12-year-old son had a build up of wax in his ear and a friend recommended I tried these. I had never tried this before, so not sure what to expect. Read the instructions and started the treatment by placing the candle carefully into the ear and then lighting as instructed. Small amount of wax removed from first ear. His 2nd "bad ear" we were astonished to see all the yeast and wax it removed. In no time at all his hearing greatly improved and he experienced less irritability and itchiness in his ears. I now have all my family using them and recommend to anyone with ear problems.

Wendy Gardener - Akron, OH

My whole family are now using these ear candles as so beneficial for cleaning ears and also relaxing and alleviating stress. I would recommend using the ear discs for extra protection. Just me being extra cautious!

Simon Johnston - Salt Lake City, Utah

My husband normally stays clear of anything ‘alternative’ but after suffering for a few weeks with blocked ears we persuaded him to give ear candling a go. He was very surprised by the excellent results and can now hear so much clearer. He is now asking me to make sure we order again

Francesca Cole - Tampa, Florida

One of my favorite websites! Love the product and information on the site, and always awesome customer service.

Chance Gonzalez - Austin, Texas

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