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Our Ear Wax Candles are made of the best quality products and are environmentally friendly. They are a natural holistic treatment available for all.

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  • Colors: Sky-Blue, Green, Brown, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Rosy and White (colors may vary slightly)
  • Fragrance: Various
  • Material:  Beeswax
  • Length: Approximately 25CM /9.8″
  • Comprises unbleached cotton and beeswax conforming to environmental requirements
  • Our safety warning line advises the user where to cut down burning candle for safety
  • Keep your ears feeling fresh and clean
  • Relax nerves, reduce tinnitus and improve your quality of sleep.

Due to HIGH DEMAND – Please Allow 10 to 14 Days For Delivery

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My 18-year-old son had a build up of wax in his ear, so I purchased ear wax candles at this online store to try to remove. Having never tried this before, it was a bit odd, but we began the process placing the candle carefully into the ear and then lighting as instructed. The first ear we removed a small amount of wax in a cone shape (over 1/4 inch). For his 2nd “bad ear” we were amazed to see all the wax and yeast it removed. After a little time, his hearing notibably improved and his ears are definetely less irritable and itchy. I would certainly recommend trying these and all of our family are now using.
Melissa Rice - Clermont, Florida

Great customer service and really enjoyed the ear candle experience! So relaxing and felt clear headed and less stressed.
Audrey Smithers - Little Rock, AK

Works GREAT! For years my ears have been stopped up due to excessive ear wax. I have tried everything and nothing worked… Before purchasing, one of my ears had been stopped up for almost two weeks and nothing I had tried removed the wax. On first use, my problem was taken care of with this procedure and it was relaxing and absolutely pain free. I would definetley recommend these ear candles to anyone with ear problems, especially waxbuild up.
Michael Hanson - Manchester, New Hampshire

Quality of the product is good. The ear candles are exactly as described and in very good shape. Delivery time was as promised.
Hope Mason - Chicago, Illinois

First time experience a little strange, but well worth it. Ears feel clean and clear. Easy to use.
Andy Bloom - Columbus, Georgia

Exactly what I wanted. Prompt shipping. Thanks
Lucas Wolf - NYC, NY

I like using these ear candles on my whole family. Recommend using a wet treatment towel to cover your neck and cheek area for extra protection.
Damian Stone - Glendale, CA

My husband normally stays clear of anything ‘alternative’ but after suffering for a few weeks with blocked ears we persuaded him to give ear candling a go. He was very surprised by the excellent results and can now hear so much clearer. He is now asking me to make sure we order again!

Cassie Cavoto - San Diego, CA

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